Daily Special - Cafe Restaurant Theo

Cafe Theo
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Lunch Menu from 27.1. – 31.1.2020 from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Mo - Fr:  Menu: Wienerschnitzel f. Pig with Potato salad € 7,90

Monday: Holiday

Tuesday: Soup of the day,
Menu 1) Blunzen wheels baked on potato and lamb's lettuce
Menu 2) Vegetable casserole with herb sauce

Tuesday: Soup of the day,
Menu 1) Styrian root meat with boiled potatoes
Menu 2) Baked cauliflower with tartar sauce

Wednesday: Soup of the day,
Menu 1) Augsburger baked with mashed potatoes
Menu 2) Fried rice with mushrooms and peppers, served with mixed salad

Thursday: Soup of the day,
Menu 1) Rice meat with leaf salad
Menu 2) Spinach with roasted potatoes and fried egg

Friday: Soup of the day,
Menu 1) Plaice baked with mayonnaise salad
Menu 2) Poppy noodles with applesauce
Menu 1)  € 7,90
Menu 2)  € 6,90
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